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Though we have stopped our adoption programme in December 2011, it still remains a part of our image. Not a day goes by without someone ringing up to enquire about adoption. My perception is that there is a growing need for adoption and less and less children to place. More good agencies are deciding to close down their programmes as the system has become even more hostile to adoption agencies around the country. Children and families still visit us which is a joy. The Supreme court petition we filed has got stuck and doesn't seem to be moving. The ACA continues to function in Karnataka under a new Avatar, mainly doing home studies for families wishing to adopt especially from out of the State.

Sumati Satish, our long time member and Treasurer, unfortunately resigned on April 24th. Shobha Kumar resigned on 6th May 2013. We shall miss their presence at Ashraya and still feel that they are a part of us. Sumati was involved with all our projects over the years and fund raising and Ashraya owes her a huge debt for its growth and development.

Shobha Kumar has been on our Committee for many years and has been one of our most dedicated volunteers working with the toddlers. She continues to come into Ashraya to help us.

We decided to induct three new young members onto the Ashraya Board with a view to Ashraya's future survival. Radhika Nambiar was a Social Worker at Ashraya for many years. Malika Williams a dynamic adoptive parent and Nitya Reddy who supports the Avalahalli Creche. All of them were given special tasks and responsibilities in the Committee. We hope that young people will inject a new sense of purpose and direction into the organization.

Ms. Dechu Bannerjee joined us as a Consultant on the 8th of April 2013. She comes in three times a week and her considerable expertise and experience in the field of social work has been a great help to us.

The AGM was held on the 19th of November' 2012, and we have had 5 committee meetings this year.

Staff :

Padma Chidambaram, Social Worker, resigned end November 2012. Evalin Christabel joined Ashraya on 10th November 2012, in-charge of CIAI projects funding agencies, Neelbagh, and the Observation Home. Susan Jaison resigned at the end of December 2012 to have her second child. Kavita Madan joined Ashraya on the 3rd of December 2012 and is in-charge of the Crèches, Women's Centre, Convention Centre and Outreach Programme and the Girls hostel.

Events :

All the projects we started the last year are running smoothly without any problems. There are 11 girls in the hostel, which is running well and providing an essential service to these young women. Most of them have come from Neelbagh School.

Children's Home :


1. Nomita was asked to judge the Finals of the essay competition organized by TATA's on the theme of " How you can make the world you live in a Cleaner and Greener place ".

2. On the 9th of February 2013, Malika Williams organized an adoptive parents meet of Ashraya families. 35 families attended. Fun activities were organized for the children like a Clown, Pop-Corn, Candy floss and balloons. The programme for the adults started with an innvocation sung by Avantika Kottisa. Christy Abraham and Radhika Nambiar spoke of their experiences at Ashraya. Some of the adoptive parents also spoke about their experience of adopting. This was followed by a delicious lunch.

3. On the 22nd of June 2013, Ashraya and The Centre for Law and Policy Research organized an interesting seminar on " Cancer and Mental Health Patients – Their right to Autonomy and Emotional Well Being ". The seminar was held at the Bangalore International Centre. Dr. Ajai Kumar, Chairman HCG group was the Chief Guest and we had a lot of interesting speakers on our panels and good moderators. The seminar went off extremely well. Dechu and Evalin worked hard to put everything into place.

4. Evalin attended a workshop on 28th June, organized by " Global Giving " at Ashirwad to appraise participating NGO's about how the system functions. On the 29th three members of the team visited our Shivajinagar Creche.

5. On the 9th of July, Evalin and Kavita attended a counselling workshop at Vimochana organized by Sampoorna College.

6. The OWC Coffee morning was held on the 26th of September at the Leela Palace. Shanthi and Evalin attended and interacted with OWC members and other NGO's.

7. Diwali Tea and Bonus for Ashraya staff was organized on the 9th of November 2013.


Visitors to Ashraya

Sanjog – Team Orissa
" An ideal organization " .
" Very child friendly atmosphere ".

Sara and Jorgen Larsson Adoptive Parents Sweden
Ester, Vera, Hedda - Adoptees

" A generous, warm and child oriented environment ".

Marija Jelonek
Sandhya Karlsson – Adoptee

" This felt like meeting old friends ".

Tommy Swahn
Gunnar Wikstrom
Jyothi Swahn - Adoptee

" Thank you so much for having us ".
" Thank you a lot and bless you all ".

Pushpa Brechbiel – Adoptee
" Thank you so much for giving me such an amazing family ".

Shubhalakshmi Brechbiel - Adoptee
Lisa Brechbiel

" Thank you for finding me a family. I am happy where I am now ".

Sara Devaki – Adoptee
" Thank you so much for all you have done for the children in India ".

Researcher Zurich University

" Thank you so much for showing us around and talking so openly about your work ".

Yashaswin Kumar
" Wonderful place for children. Kudos to your team ".

Esther Bussmann
" Many thanks for the insight into your work ".

Observation Home


Ashraya remains on the Home Management Committee of the Observation Home. We are extremely frustrated that anything we do there is purely cosmetic and we cannot get to the core of the problem, which is a proper rehabilitation plan for the boys. They continue to be released within 2 to 3 weeks, most probably into the hands of criminal gangs. At least we hope to put a dance teacher and a yoga teacher into place soon and we will have to subsidize their services as the government pays a very small monthly stipend. The DWCD has also agreed to Parivarthan doing a training programme for their staff, which they will pay for. The Home Committee meetings are being called every month.


Convention Centre


The Convention Centre was rented to Manipal Global Education Services from December 1st 2012. They decided to give up the Centre on the 17th of June and moved out by September. We are now renting the Centre to Grameen Financial Services for a rental of Rs. 80,000/ - per month w.e.f. 1st November 2013, for a period of 3 years. They will also pay all the staff salaries.

We have done extensive repair work this year to all our buildings, The Convention Centre, Women's Centre and the Children's Home Building. We have spent a total of Rs. 6,63,000/-. Some of them were major works like waterproofing the roof of the Children's Home building.




Currently, the total strength of the school is 372, 189 boys and 183 girls, ensuring equal opportunities are extended to girls. There are 100 students in the hostel: 49 girls and 51 boys. The number of staff serving in the school is 30 - 19 are teaching and 11 are non-teaching staff.

Academics: Our children performed splendidly and brought creditable results in Class X SSLC exams this year. The School achieved 100% results and all 26 students who appeared for exams have secured First Class marks. Karthik scored the highest with 88% followed by Poojashree and Sandhyashree with 85%, achieving distinctions. This is the fifth consecutive year that the School has achieved 100% pass results.


Awards and Recognition: :

1. We received Kolar District's Best Eco-school Award on the 5th of March 2013 and the "State Best Environment - Friendly School Award" or "Parisara Mitra Shale Award" on the 18th of June 2013 from the Government of Karnataka and Karnataka State Pollution Control Board respectively. Neelbagh was selected out of 324 schools; we were honoured by the State Government at a special function and given a certificate, a trophy and Twenty thousand cash award.

2. Inter NGO Sports Meet: on 19th of January 2013, 40 Students in the age group of 8 -14 years students participated in 22 events and they won in 20 events bagging 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. Ashraya Neelbagh School was awarded the Best Team and Overall Championship Award.

3. Students participated in the annual inter school essay competition held on 14th of December 2012. Around 62 schools competed but Neelbagh excelled over the others. The topic given was "The importance of Ozone". Three of our high school students participated and are the winners of this year's Kolar district level essay writing contest.

The first, second and third place was bagged by Ashraya Neelbagh School. Jayasree of 10th grade won the first place, followed by her classmate Manikanta who came second and their junior Beemanandha of 9th grade won the third place. Kolar district's senior officers, Mr. Jalaluddin, C.E.O- Zilla Panchayat, Mr.Padmanabh, Deputy Director Public Education Institute, Mr. Md. Kalil, Block Education Officer and Mr. Vishwanath, District Commissioner distributed Certificates of commendation to the winners.

4. The State Government honoured and recognised the school's performance with a shield and a certificate of recognition.



1. The national holidays: Independence Day, Republic Day and Gandhi Jayanti were celebrated to educate the children on the importance of these events in our history.

2. Statehood Day and Children's Day were also celebrated. In-house cultural programmes and sports are held every month.

3. Farewell: Mr. Mohammed Khaleel, the Block Education Officer was the Chief Guest for our Valedictory function for the outgoing 10th class students held on 26th Feb 2013. Followed by the cultural programme, the exit interview was conducted by the School Management and the Head Master.

4. On 2nd of July 2013, the licence for the Primary school was renewed for 6 years.

5. On 25th of July 2013, the inter school sports competitions were organized at Rayalpad and in the primary level the school qualified to the Taluk Level in the following events : 100,200,400 mts race, 400 mts relay, shuttle cock, kabadi, cricket, volley ball, basket ball and yoga.

6. The School celebrated its 18th Annual Day and the Founder's Day on 14th August 2013. Sri Sandeep Chachra, Executive Director – ActionAid, was the Chief Guest. Children in their house groups competed in various sports events in the morning, followed by the exhibitions and special lunch. The prize distribution for academic excellence and the chief guest's speech completed the day. Mrs. Shobha Banerjee, Mrs. Sumati Satish, Mrs. Christy Abraham, Mrs. Naina Malika Williams, Ms. Evalin Christabel, parents, friends, well-wishers and over 300 people were present for the function.

7. On 16th and 17th of August 2013, the taluk level school sports competetions were held in Srinivaspur and in the primary level, the school qualified to compete in District level in the following events : 100,200,400 mts race, Shuttle cock, Yoga – boys and girls.

8. On 21st September 2013, GE Volunteers hosted the annual science fair "Prabodhana" for educational institutions in GE Campus, Bangalore. The theme provided was "Agricultural Waste Management". Out of 29 schools / institutions, Ashraya Neelbagh School was awarded the First Place for their Coconut Waste Management presentation.

9. Gift of labour – Shramadana was performed by teachers and students to commemorate Gandhi Jayanthi on the 2nd of October 2013.



Workshops and Enhanced learning opportunities provided by the School:

1. Art Workshop: on 2nd and 3rd November the workshop was conducted by Mr. Umesh Kumar, Students were made aware of the dynamism in the creation of art that is fuelled by factors such as medium and techniques of art.

2. Yoga workshop - From 5th to 8th November the workshop was conducted by Ms. Sukanya from Art of Living. Mr. Raja Manickam, an experienced yoga teacher in the city conducted a very inspirational yoga workshop for the children on 2nd and 3rd August 2013.

3. Career Counselling workshops – on 28th November 2012 and 4th of December 2012 the workshop was conducted by Ms.Mamatha Mutt for the ninth and tenth grade students respectively. It helped the students understand the importance of one's academic potential, personality, talents, interest, expectation, strength and weakness while choosing a course for a right career at the right time for a bright future.

4. Dance and Theatre workshops - Students from 5th to 10th grades were encouraged to participate in these workshops. It was a source of fun and entertainment for the children. This workshop was conducted by Mr. Anand on 30th November 2012 and on 1st December 2012.

5. Teachers' training - An issue based training workshop was conducted by Ms. Indira Ganapathy on 6th of September 2013. It was a way of celebrating Teachers' Day productively. A coffee mug with Ashraya's logo was given as a token of appreciation to all teaching staff.

6. Self Organized Mediation Environments (SOMEs) - Ashraya currently has tied up with an initiative called Solesandsomes, which brings together volunteers from different parts of the world to teach English and build language skills through personal / general conversations, story- telling etc. via Skype sessions. There is now a scheduled time set aside for this exercise, every day in the week and the children are thoroughly enjoying these sessions, which not only enhances their English language skills but also gives them an exposure to much more than text book oriented knowledge about different cultures, languages and people.

We are grateful to Dr.Chandan, Dr.Srinath, D.D.P.I , B.E.O, and the local administration team, whose active interest in the growth and welfare of our school is a support to us. We hope that they will continue to enrich us with their friendship, interest and guidance.


Crèches :


Ashraya is successfully running seven Day Care Centres for the underprivileged children. These are located in Shivajinagar, Banaswadi, Indiranagar, Avalahalli, Yelahanka (construction site colony of Venezia Purvankara) and Siddapura (Esperanza UKN properties).

We now have a total of 215 numbers of children in our crèches

SN Crèche Boys Girls Total
1 Indiranagar 21 13 34
2 Siddapura 15 15 30
3 Avalahalli 15 19 34
4 Banaswadi 22 14 36
5 Yelahanka 6 3 9
6 Shivajinagar 26 24 50
7 Nelamangala 9 13 22
Total 215




1. We celebrated the New Year party on 11.01.2013. The children from all the crèches were invited to the Indiranagar office. All the children and the teachers were beautifully dressed. The children from each crèche put up a great programme. It was a commendable performance from the little ones. We also organized an appetizing lunch for all the children and each child was given a special gift, biscuits and chocolates.

2. Parents meetings are held once in every quarter at each crèche to discuss the children's performance, their health and topics such as children's hygiene and nutrition, different social service schemes that help the underprivileged was also discussed.

The teachers had a discussion with the parents about getting the older children into regular school after leaving the crèche. They informed the parents about different NGO's providing free education for older children.

3. Ms. Shakuntala, the teacher conducted Sports Day at the Women's Centre Creche on 08.03.2013. All the children participated. The parents were also invited to cheer and motivate the children. We presented gifts to all the children. The teacher had also organized snacks for the children and the parents.

4. The teachers at Shivajinagar crèche had organized a photo session. A group photo was taken with all the children of the crèche. The children were dressed in their best dresses. The children were all excited to have their photo taken.

5. The Siddapura crèche was renovated by UKN properties. They repainted the wall and did some maintenance work. The crèche now looks bright and neat. The teacher MS. Balaneela resigned in August 10th due to ill-health and we had a farewell party for her. We have now hired a new crèche teacher Ms. Yashodha who is now managing the crèche.

6. Teachers training workshop was organized on September 17th 2013. Ms. Indira Ganapathy conducted the workshop for the teachers of the crèches.10 of Ashraya staff attended this training session. The workshop was very educative, interesting and fun. The teachers were made to do simple and easy craft work which they can practise with the children. The teachers found this session very informative and useful.

7. The Yelahanka crèche teacher Ms. Sheshavathi gave her resignation on 02.03.2013 due to her mother's ill health. We appointed her sister Ms.Kalavathi who is also a trained Balasevika teacher on 01.03.2013.

8. We celebrated Independence Day on the 15th August in Indiranagar Creche. We invited Ms. Shobha Banerjee mother of Ms. Malika Williams to hoist the flag. The children gave a wonderful performance. They sang and danced to patriotic songs. They also sang the National Anthem once the flag was hoisted.


Women's Centre:


We have 11 girls residing in the girls' hostel. These girls have passed out from Neelbagh School and are currently studying in different colleges in the city. Ashraya provides food and boarding, and tuitions have also been organized. Their studies and progress is closely monitored by the social worker on a regular basis.



Girls Hostel


Ms. Nagrathna and Ms. Chandrika were appointed as Joint- Superintendents for the Women's Centre on December 2013. Ms. Nagrathna resides in the Women's Centre and manages the day to day requirements of the residents. Whereas Ms. Chandrika does the outreach work, educating people about the Centre and helping women who are in need of a shelter.

We celebrated Women's Day at Women's Centre on March 16th 2013. All the residents joined together and prepared a special lunch with the help of the Superintendents. The women danced and sang songs. We currently have 8 women in the Women's Centre.


Volunteers / Interns:


We appreciate the volunteers who have spent time at our Crèches.
1. GE and IBM employees volunteered at the Indiranagar and Banaswadi Crèches. They enjoyed their day with the children and thanked Ashraya for making it a special day for them.

2. Ms. Nikul from U.K. volunteered at the Siddapura crèche for a year. She was very helpful and loved teaching the children.

3. Ms. Ketki Vahalia from OWC volunteered at Siddapura crèche every Friday for two months.

4. Students from different schools and colleges also volunteered in our crèches as part of their internship. They enjoyed the experience and thanked Ashraya for the opportunity.

5. Diamond Doss, an intern volunteer from University of Tennessee, Knoxville – USA, spent time at the Indiranagar crèche. She had this to say about her experience- "I enjoyed every moment volunteering with the beautiful smart pre-schoolers and their supportive teachers. The teachers were a true joy and pleasure to work beside and shadow as well."

6. Ms. Shobha, Ms. Monica and Ms. Rukmani are our regular volunteers at Indiranagar crèche. They are very dedicated and love interacting with the children.

7. Ms. Jyothi, Ms. Meru and Anupreethi are doing a great job helping the girls from Ashraya Girls Hostel learn English especially as the girls are from Kannada medium schools.

8. Ms. Sharmila teaches the tuition children Maths and English as a volunteer.


Visitors to Neelbagh

Prof. A.S. Chandrashekar
Past. Rotary Governor

" Extremely happy to visit a school like Neelbagh. An ideal school in all respects. ".

M.K. Prabhudeva
Karnataka State Environmental Pollution Control Board.

" Congratulations for giving good education to the poor children. Best wishes to the Principal and staff. Let this children become good citizen and bring good name to this organization. ".

Sandeep Chachra
Executive Director,
Action Aid India

" What an inspiring experience to be with you on the occasion of the Founders Day. Your belief in equality, in providing an enabling environment and opportunity to children is wonderful to experience and learn from. Keep up your hope and struggle and your efforts to build a better world for children, who may not have opportunities enough. Good wishes!!! ".

Donatella Ceralli
CIAI External Relations & Communication

" This is a peaceful place! ".

Dr. Suneeta Kulkarni - Skype classes
" What an absolutely wonderful visit! It is great to see the good work going on with children and the true meaning of holistic education in practice. ".

H.K. Marimadaiah
Environment officer,
Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, Kolar.

" Congratulations for receiving the State Best Eco-school Award of the year 2011-2012. My best wishes to Principal and staff for their dedicated service for the welfare of the children. I pray to God that let this school and trust grow and continue the good work. ".

Ashok Kumar
Branch Manager
State Bank of Mysore

" It was a business visit to the school, but after visiting the school and having interaction with the staff knowing the cause and effort put in by the Trust for the down trodden people. I salute their noble deed. I have a little prayer today, let this school and trust grow and god bless everyone associated with it. ".

G. Shivaprasad
Circle Inspector of Police,

" It is a great job, you're moulding the life of the poor children to become good citizen of the country. God bless everyone associated with it. ".

Alessandra Detto (CIAI - sponsor of Sangita)
" I met Sangita (sponsored child) and it is a beautiful experience. Thank you all. Very good job! ".

Joyatri Ray (ING Vysya)
" Very effective concept, motivated teachers and good / clear understanding on what needs to be achieved. Look forward to interact with school kids and teachers in future as well. ".

Siddaranath - DYSP
Mulabagal, Sub-Division,

" This place is very beautifully located and service they are rendering towards the needy is extensive."

Vidya Chandy
Indiranagar, Bangalore.
"An absolutely wonderful place - great work being done with the kids, staff are so warm and friendly – amazing experience! All the best to Neelbagh always!"

Shobha Bannerjee – (Malika William)
"Excellent school. It was great honor to be with you on your Founder's Day. The whole show was superb. The school is very beautiful. All the very best always!"

Gwyn Lange (Volunteer)
"Ashraya Neelbagh School, thank you so much for such a wonderful and inspiring experience. I will never forget my 3 months here on the kind and welcoming staff and students. The school is such a wonderful environment for living and learning and I hope that I will be able to visit again until then. I know that Neelbagh will continue to thrive and grow under the dedicated care of Manjunath and Srinivas. I have learned so much from the students here and will miss them all greatly. I wish each of them the best for the future and know that you will see them succeed."


Partner Engagement:


"Powerful" is how I describe your donations to Ashraya! Your generous gifts are vital in helping us sustain our activities .Your support also helps improve the educational outcomes, physical health and emotional well-being of vulnerable children and battered women. Now that's Powerful! Thank you for partnering with us to help them "celebrate living".

We are particularly grateful to Mr. Matteo Levi for his inputs and insights in developing our project proposals.

We greatly appreciate your continued support and the powerful impact it creates. A special word of thanks to each and every one. Our major donors are:

Donor Details (2012 - 2013):

A Neelbagh Project B Community / Site Creches
1 CIAI 1 Purvankara
2 K.C.Mahindra 2 Elisabet Johansson
3 ICare 3 UKN Esperenza
4 Global Giving 4 Promac - Nithya Reddy
5 Naina Krishna Murthy 5 Children Across Borders
6 ING Vysya 6 Hebbal Schule
7 Adoption Centrum (Workshop) 7 CIAI
8 Children Across Borders 8 OWC
9 Charity Aid Foundation 9 Global Giving
C Children's Home D Women's Centre
1 WACAP 1 Trent Limited
E Hostel
1 Namaste

We value our relationship with our partners, supporters, volunteers and well wishers. Through our engagement sessions, not only do we strengthen our relationship with our patrons, but also share many smiles and happy moments along the way. I wish to thank all people who directly and indirectly helped our progress.


Seeking Partners :


Ashraya's ongoing projects and services are well utilized by a growing number of children and recognized by the community, social organizations and the government. Most of Ashraya projects have emerged as models and has made a larger societal impact. Yet, there is a lot more to be done for the well being of the children and women.

To continue the existing projects and to plan and execute more support systems, Ashraya is looking for more community participation, support and partnership with like-minded organizations and corporates.

All donations to Ashraya are exempt under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. The Society has also been registered and approved under the Foreign Currency Regulation Act (FCRA) to receive contributions from abroad.


In Conclusion


We are most grateful to our auditors Panth & Co., for the pro bono services they have given us to do our audit year after year ; Dr.N.V.S. Krishnan for the monthly crèche visits to check up on the health of all our children ; to Mr. Anil Chinniah, for maintaining the Ashraya website ; to all our staff and committee members for their commitment and dedicated services to Ashraya.

Above all, our thanks to Mrs. Sudha Reddy for all her guidance and support for Ashraya over the years.


News About the Ashraya Family

Secretary, Ashraya.

Ms. Shanthi Chacko - President
Mrs. Nomita Chandy - Secretary
Mrs. Christy Abraham - Treasurer
Mrs. Surya Vaz - Member
Mrs. Anjolie Advani - Member
Mrs .Nitya Reddy - Member
Mrs. Malika Williams - Member
Mrs. Radhika Nambiar - Member


1. Ms. Evalin Christabel - Project Co-ordinator
2. Ms. Kavitha Madan - Social Worker


1. Kavitha Pradhap - Accountant
2. Sharmila - Secretarial Assistant
3. Srinivas - Driver
4. Agnes - Creche Teacher
5. Jayamary - House Mother – Girls Hostel
6. Siddamma - Creche Helper
7. Pushpavalli - Creche Helper / Cook
8. Yellamma - Cleaning Lady
9. Venkatesh - Part-time Gardener


10. Dr.N.V.S.Krishnan - Pediatrician


11. Manjunath - Head Master
12. Srinivasa Reddy - Assistant Head Master
13. Ravichandra - Senior Teacher
14. Narasimha - Senior Teacher
15. Satish - Senior Teacher
16. Saddat Unnisa - Senior Teacher
17. Shivamma DN - Senior Teacher
18. Varalakshmamma - Junior Teacher
19. Nagraj - Junior Teacher
20. Yashoda - Junior Teacher
21. Pushpalatha - Junior Teacher
22. Venkatashival Reddy - Junior Teacher
23. Lakshmi - Junior Teacher
24. MehaboobBasha - Vocational – Carpentry
25. Kalpana - Vocational-Tailoring
26. Subramani - Vocational-Pottery
27. Shivashanker - Vocational-Dance
28. Raghavendra - Computer Instructor
29. Raja Reddy - Driver
30. Manjula .M.N - Linen and Hospitality In-Charge
31. Redamma - Kitchen Helper
32. Yasmin - Kitchen Helper
33. Padmavathamma - Kitchen Helper
34. Susheela - Washerwoman
35. Subbamma - Cleaning Staff
36. Manjula - Cleaning Staff
37. Srinivasa - Washer man
38. Shanthamma - Cleaning Staff
39. Thirumalappa - Gardener
40. Padmavathi - Kitchen Helper


41. Ratna - Creche Teacher
42. Shashikala - Creche Teacher
43. Yashodha - Creche Teacher
44. Kalavathi - Creche Teacher
45. Parvathy - Creche Teacher
46. Mamatha - Creche Worker
47. Sunitha - Creche Worker
48. Sheeba - Creche Worker
49. Rohini - Creche Helper
50. Rani - Creche Helper
51. Shilpa - Creche Helper
52. Sagunthala - Creche Helper
53. Premamma - Creche Helper
54. Priya - Creche Helper


55. Chandrika - Joint-Superintendent
56. Nagrathna - Joint-Superintendent
57. Shakunthala - Creche Teacher
58. Jayanthi - Creche Helper
59 Narasimiah - Gardener


60. Suneetha - Manager
61. Kanthamma - Cleaner
62. Sharanamma - Cleaner

Number of Children and women served by Ashraya each month

Neelbagh - 372
Observation Home - 50
Women’s Centre (Creche) - 25
Women’s Centre(No. Of women) - 8
Crèches - 220
Hostel Girls - 11
Tuition Children - 24